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You sat in a stall in the girl’s bathroom, your legs pulled up to your chest. You bit the sleeve of your shirt to muffle your sobs while you heard the loud laughter of (insert annoying dude’s name here). He had embarrassed you in front of everybody!

You winced and whimpered quietly in pain as you moved, a dull throbbing ache settling in your stomach. The back of your head also thrummed with pain, the pain felt as if someone were stabbing you in the back of the head with a knife each time you moved it. You shut your eyes tightly and let your head rest against your knees, tears freely slipping down your cheeks.

If only you hadn’t come to school today…Then he would’ve never done this to you.

-         Hey look, a flashback! –

You shyly walked into science class, immediately going and sitting in the back. You felt awful…Your throat was sore and your eyes were puffy. Your older brother, Alfred, and his best friend, (annoying dude’s name), had kept you up all last night! Those two morons…You swore they did this on purpose, because then your brother’s friend always bullies you the next morning. Alfred didn’t ever join in, but he didn’t stop him either. Of course, it just so happens that you had science with (annoying dude). You ignored these thoughts, deciding that you’d also just ignore the annoying boy for the day, as well.

 Just then, your friend and crush, Natalya walked into class, a stern stare set into her features. Everybody seemed to be afraid of the girl, mostly because of her tendency to use violence as well as her slight obsession over knives and her older brother, Ivan. But, if they looked past that, they’d see she was actually a nice person. You smiled over at her and waved. She just nodded to you before taking a seat in the middle row, as usual.

More and more people flooded into the room. So many kids, in fact, that the room was almost overcrowded. Each kid seemed to break away and sit in a specific place. Even though everyone was allowed to sit wherever they wanted, they usually stayed in the same seat among their group of friends, as if they’d all been assigned to sit in these places.

Just as everyone was getting settled in, you saw the annoying friend of your brother’s strut into the classroom, sitting in the desk next to you. You fixed your eyes on your notes, flipping through them. You had a quiz today and you didn’t want to fail.

“Hey,” he said, trying to get your attention. You still ignored him. You weren’t going to fall for whatever he had planned.

“Hey,” he snarled, this time smacking you upside the head. You still blocked him out. You’d been beaten up before, this was nothing. You heard him growl, low and menacing.

“I’m talking to you, you better listen.” He said, snarling out the words next to your ear. You sighed softly, closing your eyes to calm yourself.

Just ignore him, (y/n), just ignore him. You thought, tuning him out. He attempted to get your attention a few more times before he became fed up with you. He shoved you out of your chair and you hit the cement with a loud ‘thud’, your chair falling down with you.

“Listen to me when I’m speaking to you, loser.” He said, standing up and stepping on your arm. You whimpered and tried to pull it out from under his foot but he was too strong and kept it firmly pinned to the ground. Tears sprung to your eyes and threatened to leak out but you shut your (e/c) eyes tightly, not letting them escape.

He insulted you a few more times before kicking you, right in the gut. You curled into a ball, whimpering loudly. When you opened your eyes, you tried to find Natalya. When you did spot her, your eyes pleaded her to get you out of here, to stop him. Just as she was reaching for something, the boy who’d been beating you up leaned down and followed you r line of sight.

“Aw…Trying to get your girlfriend to save you, eh?” He spat out the word ‘girlfriend’. You knew that most of the school frowned upon relationships between people of the same gender. “Heh, that’s all I’d expect from you. You can’t save yourself so you have to get your girlfriend to get you out of it. Weakling.” And with that, he kicked you again before stepping away.

You managed to sit your chair up and get in it right before the teacher walked in. The entire lesson, you clutched your stomach tightly, where you were sure a bruise was going to form. Science seemed to go by painfully slow. Whenever the teacher wasn’t looking, the boy in the seat next to you would step on your foot or smack you upside the head. It took all you could to keep from making any noise. Finally, class ended and you got out of the classroom as quickly as possible.

That was your mistake.

Since he left behind you, you didn’t notice what he was doing. He rushed up behind you, dragging his foot level with your knees. It immediately made you buckle, falling backward and hitting the tile again. You cried out in pain but, as usual, nobody cared. Natalya was still in the classroom so she couldn’t help you. You saw your friend Eliza leave the history classroom next door just as you fell. Then, you heard rapid curses in Hungarian. The rest of it was a blur of tears. Somehow, you’d managed to pick yourself up off the floor and run down the hall…Well, more like limp. When you’d reached the girl’s bathroom, you’d darted inside.

-         Flashback over –

So, here you were, crying in a stall of the bathroom while the douche that’d beaten you up laughed at you.  But, then you heard something out of the ordinary. You heard him scream. Then, sound the rapid footsteps of  him running down the hall graced your ears. He was running? But…Who was he running from? You then heard the door swing open. 

“(Y/n)?” An accented voice called softly into the bathroom. “(Y/n), I know you’re in here. Do not worry, I scared him away.” The voice of your Belarusian friend said, trying to coax you out of the stall you were in.

Slowly, you set your feet on the floor, wincing in pain as you put pressure on your knees. You somehow managed to pull yourself to your feet but each step sent a jolt of pain up your leg and spine. Your fingers fumbled with the sliding lock of the stall. When it finally snapped open and you stepped out, you heard you friend gasp.

“(Y-Y/n!)” She exclaimed. She rushed over, staring in horror at the bruises on your legs, which were visible since you were wearing a pair of shorts. She grabbed your hand and began to pull up the sleeve on your shirt but you snatched your arm away from her.

“(Y/n), let me see if your arms are bruised. You might have to go to the hospital.” You shook your head and backed away from her.

“N-No…” You stuttered out. Her eyes narrowed. She could tell something was wrong. Before you had a chance to run away she snatched your arm and pulled up the sleeve, revealing thin, red lines on your underarm. She gasped, her dark blue eyes going wide with horror.

“(Y/n)! Did you do this to yourself?” She asked sternly, but you could hear her voice was filled with concern. You only nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked. You then fell to your knees, a new pain sparking in them. You just ignored the pain as you sobbed.

“I-I don’t like doing it! I-It…It just seems like the only escape!” You cried, curling forward into a ball.

She knelt down in front of you, placing a hand on your shoulder and shaking it.

“Hey, look at me.” She said softly. You lifted your head and your red, puffy (e/c) eyes met her steel dark blue ones.

“You can tell me anything, you know that right?” She asked, brushing away your tears.

You sniffled and nodded, wincing in pain a bit as you moved your legs to get more comfortable on the cold tile floor.

“Then why didn’t you tell me about this?” She questioned. You saw the look in her eyes…It was hurt. She was just as much in pain as you were. Did she think you didn’t trust her?

“I-I…I just want to forget that I do this…” You murmured, your voice cracking as you looked down.

She nodded and then sighed, beginning to stand up. “Come on; let’s get you to the nurses’ office.”

You shook your head. “No.” You said stubbornly.

“Yes, you’re really hurt, (y/n)! You can not let your stubbornness get in the way of getting proper medical treatment.”

“No, I-I have something to confess…Before we go…” You mumbled. You knew this wasn’t the best of times but…If you didn’t tell her now, you wouldn’t ever tell her. She sighed and knelt back down.

“Alright, but make it quick…Those bruises look nasty.” She said.

“Nat…T-The only thing…that keeps me…from…going all the way… I love you, Nat, not just as a friend. I know…It’s so wrong! Th-the boys…they have a right to punish me…I shouldn’t feel this way about my best friend!” You said, staring at the floor as more hot tears threatened to escape.

“Hey, look at me…” She mumbled. When you lifted your head, her lips connected with yours. Your (e/c) eyes snapped wide open, your stomach was doing flips and your heart threatened to jump right out of your chest.

Я люблю цябе…I love you, (y/n)…And this is right…Love is love, no matter who you find it with. Let them laugh at us, but they don’t know how amazing love really is.”


You smiled so much your face began to hurt. Then you wrapped your arms around your love tightly.


“Thank you…Nat…Thank you for everything.” You murmured.


“It wasn’t a problem, (y/n), really.” She said. Then, she helped to your feet and you cried out in pain, nearly falling to your knees yet again.


“You really are bad…We should go to the principal instead.”


You whimpered and nodded while she helped you through the halls to the office.


Once you got there, you already heard the voices of Eliza and your older brother, Alfred, in the room. Natalya knocked on the door and then opened it, helping you limp into the room. The scene you saw was incredible. The boy who’d beaten you up was sitting in a chair, the principal behind him while your parents stood by Alfred and Eliza. Your Mother gasped and then shrieked in horror.


“That’s it! I want him expelled! If not, we are pulling both of our children out of this school!” Your Father yelled at the principal. She nodded tersely and placed her hands on (annoying dude’s name)’s shoulders.


“Oh yes…After receiving a severe punishment around school, I will be meeting with his parents and possibly the authorities for the amount of damage he has caused.”


Your parents walked over to you, saying that you were going to be alright and that they were taking you to the hospital to get your bruises checked out. After a minute of their rambling, they finally seemed to notice Natalya.


“Who is this?” Your Mother asked. Even though Natalya was your best friend, you never talked about your day at school so they didn’t know anything about your friends.


Before you could reply, Natalya pecked you on the lips. “I’m her girlfriend, Natalya.”


Both of your parents looked shocked, as if they’d just seen a bunch of men in tutu’s singing “I’m So Pretty” outside their window. Finally, your Father spoke up.


“When did ‘this’ happen?” He asked, pointing between the two of you. You chuckled.


“A few minutes ago,” you replied. They both just blinked and then nodded.


“Okay then…” Your Mother said. Then, you looked over at your cousin Elizabeta and your big brother, Alfred, who had just walked over to the two of you.


“Well…This is a surprise.” Alfred said, staring at the both of you. Eliza just chuckled and leaned on his shoulder.


“Not really. If you’d paid attention, you would’ve seen this a mile away.” She said, smacking him lightly on the shoulder.


“I thought you only paid attention to the male relationships of the school?” She shrugged.


“Yuri is always interesting too…Just not really my thing.” She said. Alfred just shook his head and rolled his eyes, not bothering to ask anymore.


Not long after, you were at the hospital being checked out by the doctor. Thankfully, nothing was broken but you were really bruised.


Your parents did eventually pull you out of the school because you and Natalya were picked on because you were dating. But you two didn’t care…You loved each other and that’s all that mattered.

When you two were old enough, you moved in together and adopted. Your little boy had two Mommies that he loved dearly and, even though many people still frown upon your relationship, you don’t care. You both just continued living with your heads held high and smile on your faces.

Because, in the end, what else matters besides love?

This is my first yuri so please, BE KIND!! I know, Belarus is SO OOC but...y'know...she's still badass. This has language (what else would you expect from me? I'm the equivalent of Fem!Romano) but I don't think it needs a filter. This also has some more serious themes like bullying and cutting.

This is sort of based off my own bullying experiences. I wasn't physically bullied often but I was constantly verbally bullies (and I still am being bullied).

This is my own way of showing people what bullying does, how it hurts people. Because, there are people who don't have someone to stop them. It's tragic but too true, and all too common where I live.

Comment and tell me what you think!

Belarus, Alfred and Eliza (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconhairbun503:

You (c) :iconbelarusblueroseplz:
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It was good! I liked it! This kind of thing happened to me at school once. (Except for the sibling and yuri thing). It described what happened so well that I started to laugh. I'm still being bullied tho. >:( I SHALL KILL ALL BULLIES!!! OF YOU AND MEH!!! No one should suffer through that bullshit. And I'm sorry for my harsh language.
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I usually don't read yuri, in fact i didn't mean to read this but in the end it was so worth it and so beautiful. I mean i can almost relate( just with being straight and probably never falling in love). Anyway you are an amazing writer and though someone in the world hates me for this i am so favoriting this !!!
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Similar things to this story has happened to me before. At school, I used to get shoved down the stairs and shoved against the lockers to the point my vision got all blurrier, and yes, it did lead me to the more serious things of cutting. My two older sisters found out, though. They'd gone through similar stuff and used to cut too, so when they found me with a needle in my hand and sisters next to me, they dragged me to the doctor and my twin started to cuss the bullies out when I couldn't. So, yeah, my big sisters saved my life.
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